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Born to take charge and find solutions for anything Jaynee loves everything business. Operations, employee retention, company culture and of course customer service. So branding only came natural. 


Jaynee has devoted herself too many industries including barbershops & salons for 6 years,retail for 7 years, cuisine prep 2 years, with education for 2 years with many years as a training coordinator in customer relations.    


She’s a women of integrity and professionalism with an intense work ethic.

Relocating from southern California to Seattle in 2012 for a new outlook on

life, she quickly gained more of an interest for business.                                                            


This also encouraged her journey on an education in business in 2016.

She completed her associates in business economics with a bachelors in business accounting and 2MBAs in business management & operations and business marketing.    


Being a lover of books she dedicates her off time to a book a month and her dog Louie.

She specializes in small businesses due to the belief that they are the backbone of the world. These are people who took a risk on them selves to make their dream come true and work at it everyday.                                                                                                                                                

 Jaynee has an eye for details and loves the research, discovery and process of new ideas and it  reflects through her work with the vibrant personality and smile she's always wearing.                                                                                                      


A supporter of all people and with a positive mentality ,she loves community work and interacting with people. She loves bringing others together to celebrate life accomplishments and uplift all she encounters.                                                                                                                                    











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